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June 16, 2022 9:18 am  #1

CFRB Enters The Twilight Zone

Picture if you will a radio station in search of a guest. 

As most here know, Jerry Agar is subbing for John Moore this week. (Interesting that morning man Greg Brady is also off the same week on competitor AM 640.) Mark Towhey has taken over Agar's show while he's filling in on morning drive.

Agar has a regular 10 AM feature called "Party of Two," in which he does a supposedly more in-depth drill down with a local personality. Frequently, it's a radio person from the station's own orbit. 

On Thursday, it was supposed to be Robert Turner, a favourite of many on this board. But for some reason, he had to pull out, leaving Towhey searching for a sudden substitute. And so it is that Jerry Agar will be a guest on his own show, filling in for Turner, even as Towhey fills in for him. 

The mind reels at the number of Earth rotations that had to happen to arrive at that result. But only 1010 would dare have a host guest on his own show. 

I'm expecting an appearance by Rod Serling any moment now.


June 16, 2022 9:59 am  #2

Re: CFRB Enters The Twilight Zone

If you're suggesting Agar be catapulted into the Twilight Zone, I'm in full agreement.

My radio comes on to CFRB .. before I could change the channel this morning, I was subjected to Agar yammering about Arnold Schwarzenegger & compression socks .. Agar's attempts at humour & his self-aggrandizing laughter at his own "wit"  are truly cringeworthy.

If forced to listen, I'd even choose Towhey over Agar .. that's how low the bar is.