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April 27, 2022 9:40 am  #1

Disillusioned Ex-Fan 590 Host Says Podcasts Beat Live OTA Radio

Some here will remember the name Andrew Walker. A few years ago, he left The Fan 590 in Toronto to pursue an opportunity at the Rogers all-sports station in Vancouver. Unfortunately for him, that didn't last long and he soon found himself on the outside looking in. 

Now he's back with what he hopes will work - a national sports podcast that won't centre on just one city or team. It appears Walker has become very disillusioned with the radio industry he's reluctantly leaving behind. 

“I was so disenchanted for a while. I took a career transition course. I hated it. My whole life and career, this is what I do,” he recalled. Along the way, he had a conversation with Ryan Jespersen, an Edmonton political commentator who has found success online after being dumped himself from the Alberta capital’s talk-radio station.

Jespersen’s YouTube channel has 10,000 subscribers and his podcast is said to have solid figures as well.

“Terrestrial radio is collapsing. Ratings are down, sponsorship is down,” Walker observed. “The younger demo is more into podcasts, more social media. A huge portion is there.”

With 'The Hedge', Andrew Walker hopes to take Canadian sports talk in a new direction