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April 19, 2022 7:25 pm  #1

Another Challenge To Radio's Supremacy In The Car?

This has to absolutely be the most ridiculous thing I've read today. And I actually checked the date to see if it was from April Fool's Day. But it's not.

A new set of rules may make it possible for radio to take yet another backseat for drivers if a new British law gets approved. Under the proposed new "Highway Code," Brits who buy a self-driving vehicle will be able to watch TV, video and movies while they're behind the wheel.  

But wait - it gets even more idiotic. The law would still ban the person in the driver's seat from being able to use their cell phones while the car is in motion. So let me get this straight - I can be watching "Fast & Furious" but I can't punch anything in on my iPhone?

If this passes and it spreads one day, I wonder if TV will overtake radio in the cars of many commuters. If you had the choice of watching video in your car or listening to the radio, which would you pick?

After all, what could possibly go wrong? Go wrong. Go Wrong. Go Wrong....

Self-driving car owners will be allowed to watch TV and films on the go - but phones still banned