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January 31, 2022 2:40 pm  #1

Ryan Doyle Returns With - What Else? - An Online Sports Betting Show

The ex-1010 host has come back with what many expected - an online presence. In this case, it's a subject close to his heart, if not his wallet. The show appears to centre on sports betting and he ID's himself as "Ryan Doyle for Guaranteed Money," somewhat ironic, since sports betting isn't guaranteed to bring you money. 

The platform is something called The Dales Report, aka TDR, a Toronto based entity that describes itself thusly:

"We are a business news platform, that provides the latest and best insight on the stories making headlines around the world. We give Institutional and retail investors an inside edge in the competitive world of investing. And we profile companies that are making waves in their ever-growing industries."

It lists him as a TDR host and there are two episodes online so far. Fulltime gig or temporary shelter until something else shows up? Hard to say. But at least he's returned from dead silence.