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January 26, 2022 10:22 am  #1

TV service might end in some Canadian communities next year: advocate


January 26, 2022 10:58 am  #2

Re: TV service might end in some Canadian communities next year: advocate

As usual, these types of "stories" are more "the sky is falling" and dramatic than they need be.  TV service is not disappearing.  The method by which some cable companies obtain their TV signals is disappearing.

QT+ is a service, managed by CommScope, that allows cable companies to take digital satellite signals provided by Shaw, and pass them through on their cable tv system.  It was a means, started years ago, for cable co's to move to digital (and HD) without a major infrastructure investment.

The service CommScope provided was the database management and receiver authorizations for the cable co's.

If a customer wants to retain their TV service, all they need to do is, drop their cable TV subscription and become a subscriber to Shaw satellite, or Bell satellite.

A statement in the story said "If Canadians across rural Canada and the north lose access to TV services, then we're really finding a real hole in Canadian policy that needs to be fixed here".   Arrggh.  This was/is a business decision made by the cable co's.  The "government" doesn't need to review any policy.  Canadians CAN still get their TV service.  If anything needs to be done, the affected cable co's need to review their "policy" on their business arrangements to receive, and pass through, TV signals.