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November 24, 2021 12:25 pm  #1

How CKLW Skirting CanCon Rules Actually Helped Some Cdn. Groups

Came across this 2020 article while looking for more news on the late Rosalie Trombley. It's from TVO and claims that when CanCon rules came along in the 70s, CKLW did everything it could to try to play as little of it as possible. But it also insists that the groups who did make the cut actually benefitted greatly in the U.S. from exposure on the Big 8. 

“We want the freedom to serve our audience,” CKLW program director Frank Brodie told the Windsor Starin August 1969. “We’re not about to cram anything down their throats. To me it doesn’t really matter whether a record is Canadian or American, as long as it is good and is available to our audience.”

Frank Brodie is, of course, much esteemed SOWNY member Mike Marshall.

An interesting look back at an amazing time in radio that will never return. 

How Windsor’s CKLW reckoned with the brand-new CanCon rules