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October 14, 2021 7:07 pm  #1

Two Stations Change Formats One Keeps Staff, The Other Goodbye..

Soft 97.7 owned by Rawlco Radio in Calgary changed format over Thanksgiving from a mellower A/C format with a sprinkling of oldies to more current and contemporary         C 97.7- 90's And Now.  All of the on air staff from the old format stays...

However in Winnipeg Pattison Media Classic Rocker 94.3 The Drive also making some big changes to their format next week, with NOW! FM, and all of the on air staff have been released...

Part of the reason for the change at The Drive was the fact that Winnipeg has two other rock fm stations with Rogers 92 CITI and Corus Radio POWER 97.  Speculation was that Winnipeg, which is under 1 million population couldn't support 3 rock fm stations long term. 

All over Winnipeg NOW billboards have been appearing in the city this week ahead of the format change...
More details from Broadcast Dialogue.

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