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October 11, 2021 9:06 am  #1

Who Decides If A Station Goes Live During A Stat?

I wasn't surprised to hear CFRB and GNR640 into solid rerun mode all day during Thanksgiving. There's a miniscule audience compared to most work days, getting guests is difficult and they would have to pay overtime and a day off in lieu. 

Which brings me to CKTB. With the exception of Christmas and New Year's Day, the St. Catharines station always seems to have a live morning show on most stats. They had a host, a sports guy, and even some guests. (It was back to reruns the rest of the day, but the traditional AM drive slot was live.)

I would have thought the usually penny-pinching Bell Media would have mandated rerolls, if only to save money. But CKTB always proves the exception to the rule. I wonder who decides on this - is it the P.D. or the company? Why do you suppose 610 was willing to go live when no one else does? And if you're near London or Windsor, were the Bell stations there in rerun mode on Monday? 

It's interesting how this has changed over the years. I remember when every station - CFRB and CHUM, for example - were all live every holiday in the 60s and 70s. That was back when the jocks worked six days a week. (I recall Jay Nelson being on Monday-Saturday.) I'm not entirely sure when that ended, but it's unthinkable now. 

Anyway, good for CKTB. It goes without saying that a station whose format relies on current events does better when someone is actually there to keep it current. I think it's great they're willing to spend the extra time and money to do it, even if the return is likely to be less than what they paid for.