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October 5, 2021 7:51 am  #1

WECK Rebrands, Hires Jock Who "Retired" From Competitor The Day Before

Well, that was fast. Nothing like retiring on Monday and starting your new job the next day. His name is Joe Chille and until this week, he was morning man at The Breeze 96.1 in Buffalo. He announced his retirement from full time radio after 50 years in the biz, although noted he would still be hosting a public affairs show on the station.

How he plans to do that is questionable, since his departure may mark the shortest retirement in the history of radio.  

On Tuesday, competitor WECK announced he would be their new afternoon drive talent, although they list him as a "part-time" employee. (How you can occupy such an important position and not be there permanently is beyond me.)

The station is also rebranding itself, now to use the phrase, "The Big WECK - Buffalo's Oldies Station."

One of the weirder 24 hours in Buffalo broadcasting. 

WECK Buffalo Hires Joe Chille For Afternoon Drive


October 7, 2021 9:11 pm  #2

Re: WECK Rebrands, Hires Jock Who "Retired" From Competitor The Day Before

And it should be noted, too, that WECK now has ads promoting the change airing; WNLO(CW 23)aired one earlier tonight.

As for the rebrand: Well, at least they didn't rebrand to one of their old slogans "The Roll That Rocks". (Yes, I'm old enough to remember that.)