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August 22, 2021 9:31 am  #1

Pop Pioneer Passes: Don Everly Dies At 84

The famous, fighting and fractious fraternal family feuders The Everly Bros. made incredible pop music in the 50s and 60s, and influenced everyone from the Beatles to Simon & Garfunkel. But they were almost as well known for their inability to get along as for their music.

There have been other contentious brother acts since - like Ray & Dave Davies of the Kinks or Liam & Noel Gallagher of Oasis - but the Everlys were among the first to bring it on stage with them. They had harmony in their professional lives but not between each other. And some broadcasters in their early days also weren't fans.

“When Phil and I started out, everybody hated rock & roll,” Don said. “The record companies didn’t like it at all — felt it was an unnecessary evil. Interviewers were always older than us, and they let you know they didn’t like your music, they were just doing the interview because it was their job.”

Don Everly's death comes some seven years after his brother Phil passed away. As the Rolling Stone article notes, there's an irony in the fact Don outlived his sibling - he was the one with the drug problems, a suicide attempt and even some questionable psychiatric therapy. 

Rolling Stone: Everly Brothers’ Don Everly, Early Rock Pioneer, Dead at 84