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August 17, 2021 10:19 am  #1

Radio Doesn’t Have To Tolerate Jerks

The linked column below is from a guy in the U.S., but I think many here will be able to relate. He notes he's finally found a job where he gets along with everyone, without huge egos getting in the way. 

I had few problems with most of the people I worked with in radio and TV over the years, with only minor conflicts. Sure, there are some flare-ups - it's a pretty high-pressure job after all and tempers sometimes fray. I can only recall one person I had a real problem with at my TV newsroom. She was an especially unpleasant woman who seemed to have it in for everybody and was constantly fighting with everyone. As near management, she caused quite a few problems. Fortunately for all of us, she finally left. 

There was another guy in a radio newsroom who was a real jerk, constantly collecting "evidence" of perceived wrongdoing on his fellow co-workers and heading straight to the news director, breathlessly unable to wait to tell on them. The boss he was reporting to absolutely hated him, but kept him on because he was a very good reporter. I've never seen so many people smile and been unable to contain their glee in front of him the day he announced he was leaving to take over a family business. 

I wonder if the author's complaints hit home with anyone here. For the most part, other than the two I've cited, I've found the people in broadcasting to be generally genial. And I've often said when people ask me what it's like to be in TV or radio that "it beats working in an office." 

I've met some amazing folks in the industry, most of them incredibly talented and even though a large number of them are on air and well known, they've never shown a hint of ego towards me. The broadcasting industry attracts some of the strangest people in the world - and I would likely have to include myself in that group. But that's exactly what makes them so interesting and fun to work with.

When they also turn out to be nice, that's a real bonus. 

Radio Doesn’t Have To Tolerate Jerks