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July 8, 2021 9:27 am  #1

The Hazards Of Remote Baseball Broadcasting

Until MLB broadcasters are allowed back on the road, this kind of thing is going to keep happening. On Wednesday night, veteran Yankee play-by-play man John Sterling was watching the game off a monitor and launched into one of his textbook calls on an Aaron Judge home run.

The only problem? It was a replay. That left the embarrassed 83-year-old to admit he saw the thing on the monitor and thought it was live. You can hear the call at the link below.

Yankees radio broadcaster John Sterling accidentally calls Aaron Judge home run replay a home run again

This isn't the first time it's happened this season. In early June, the great Jon Miller had one of the oddest calls of his career, when he couldn't see where the ball went on his screen. From the Mercury News:

“Jon and I were doing the middle three innings, and it was like the fifth inning and the Giants are in San Diego,” [Mike] Krukow recalled. “Jon’s call goes, ‘Here’s the pitch . . . it’s a belt, it’s high, left field, Grisham goes to his right . . . he’s to the wall . . . and I don’t know!’ He literally said that. I don’t know. They didn’t give us the shot.”

Given all the room for error, I'm surprised these kinds of things aren't happening more often. Of course, with the Rogers arrangements with having the TV crew on radio, it's often hard to tell what's going on. And it has nothing to do with a play missed on a monitor.