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June 18, 2021 11:18 am  #1

A Weird CRTC Dual Ruling

We don't usually discuss Quebec TV stations here, but there was a very bizarre double ruling at the CRTC on Friday - although in the end, it makes sense. 

The first decision, #208, relieves CKRT-TV, a CBC Radio Canada affiliate in Riviere-du-Loop, from its licence obligation of having to produce a set amount of local programming when the network is showing non-stop wall-to-wall Olympics coverage this summer. 

Fair enough.

But then immediately underneath that one, there's decision #209. This one requests the immediate revocation of the broadcasting licence for CKRT-TV in Riviere-du-Loop, which was also granted. 

I suppose the reason is the licence revocation is effective August 31st and the station will be on the air until then. But what a weird confluence of having to go to all that trouble and paperwork for an outlet that won't exist after the summer ends. I'm not sure I've ever seen anything like that before. 

I know nothing about this particular TV market, but I have to believe that the CBC must have a way of getting its signal into this city (with also serves Edmunston, N.B.) once CKRT is no longer on the air. In fact, it was the CBC's decision to not renew the Radio-Canada affiliation that led to the announcement that the place would close after 60 years.

CKRT's demise is literally the end of an era - it is the last private station that still had a CBC affiliation anywhere in Canada. That stops when the TX is turned off for good at the end of August.