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May 6, 2021 11:34 am  #1

Maverick CRTC Commissioner Won't Get His Job Back

You may remember the name Raj Shoan. He's a former CRTC Commissioner who was stripped of his position on the broadcasting legislator for a host of reasons outlined in the final article below. (I like to say he was unceremoniously "Shoan" the door!) 

He's been featured on SOWNY a number of times over the years:

June 2015:  Court case over harassment probe details deep rift between CRTC chair

October 2015: CRTC Commissioner Differs Over Hamilton-Burlington Stations

January 2016: Shoan Differs Over OMNI Newscasts

June 2016: Is a CRTC bloodbath underway? Shoan Shown the Door

July 2016: CRTC faces allegations of racism at highest ranks

July 2017: Lawsuit Alleges Toxic Nightmare Exists Behind The Scenes At CRTC

After all the disputes, Shoan was ousted and took his gripes about the CRTC straight to the courts, eventually reaching all the way to the Supreme Court. Or at least he tried. They've now decided not to decide his fate and it likely won't make him very happy. 

Supreme Court won’t hear former CRTC commissioner’s challenge of dismissal