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April 22, 2021 10:47 am  #1

Buffalo Radio Veteran Unloads On 97Rock's Firing Of 3 DJs

You may remember a few weeks ago when WGRF responded to a surge of backlash about some stupid and racist comments on skin colour made by the shock jocks on their morning show. All three of them were subsequently fired, along with the P.D., and the story made headlines around the world. 

Now one of the former big guns of Buffalo radio has come out in their defence, in a remarkably candid rebuke of so-called cancel culture. Danny Neaverth once ruled mornings at WKBW and since he retired, no longer has any skin in the game. So perhaps that's why he felt he could speak freely - something many in the media seem afraid to do these days. 

“Let the punishment fit the crime. Suspension. OK. But to destroy the careers and lives of these people doesn’t merit the firings," he told the Buffalo News. 

"The cancel culture is out of control. In almost 40 years of doing a morning radio show ... not once did a program director meet with me BEFORE a show. If I was a bad boy, I would be called in later and hollered at...But nowadays you ‘have to be careful of what you say.’ Translation: Stop being entertaining. Be bland, boring..."

Neaverth defends fired 97 Rock employees, laments how careful DJs have to be today