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March 31, 2021 2:37 pm  #1

5 DJs On Air In One Market For 30-40 Yrs. All Have One Thing In Common

I came across this article from The Vancouver Sun. It's about five different radio hosts who have been on the air in the Vancouver market for up to 46 years. That's a pretty impressive record for any city. But as I read the story, it quickly became clear they all had one thing in common - none of them worked for a commercial radio station. 

Three of them are on the same co-op outlet. The other two appear on a campus station. Not one of them is owned by a Bell, a Rogers or a Corus. And that, I maintain, is the real reason for their longevity. Because we all know how well the big guys protect those who have helped them attract decent numbers over the years. As the old John Denver song went, "It's Goodbye Again." And that's why none of them could have possibly lasted half a century at any of the big broadcasters. They'd be seen as too expensive with too many benefits. And for all their success, that too often tends to be all management sees. 

While this is a positive article overall, that fact bathes it with a tinge of sadness for me. Anyway, here's the story if the Vancouver market interests you. 

These five Vancouver radio DJs have been on the air for well over a century