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February 19, 2021 10:54 am  #1

Canadian National Teams on TV

The Canadian Women's national soccer team played the USA last ended 1-0 for USA....the game wasn't on any traditional TV issue here is that more of these games are being 'televised/streamed on-line or through pay per view (OneSoccer, DAZN, etc...)...I get the 'happy capitalism' angle of supply and demand and that some of these games are used as revenue generators beyond current cable and satellite fees...for example a Champions League soccer match in Europe or a cricket league match in India...but last night Rogers Sportsnet was showing the same NHL game between 2 US teams on 4 of its 5 more accessible channels while Bell Media's TSN was showing the Toronto Raptors game on 3 of its seems 100% inexcusable that considering the current availability of Canadian-based sports channels that every form of Canadian national team game (hockey, soccer, baseball, rugby, women or men's, exhibition or competitive, etc) should be televised by these networks as a mechanism of entertainment and's like a form of CANCON for supporting Canadian athletes, their games and their families....curious as to what I'm missing here other than possibly more ad revenue generation and that it costs less to simply carry a feed of a Columbus vs San Jose hockey game?...bottom line always trumps patriotism.


February 19, 2021 11:30 am  #2

Re: Canadian National Teams on TV

The real bottom line is rights.
If someone is paying crazy money for the rights to coverage, they have to get that money back somehow.
Ad revenue alone doesn't help enough, so a fee applies to the ability to watch the game. 
If lucky, maybe there is such a thing as paying for a sport that airs commercial free. 
(product placement is also possible...)