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November 20, 2020 8:37 am  #1

GNR640's Longtime Morning News Anchor Gets Nice On Air Sendoff

It's not often someone leaving a station gets to say goodbye. But GNR 640's Jamie Tawil got his chance on Friday, in a ten minute farewell with Greg Brady, as the longtime morning anchor worked his final shift before leaving for B.C. 

Normally, someone's departure for another station wouldn't be marked on air, but Tawil is staying in the family, heading to Global Okanagan, B.C. as its new TV news anchor/reporter. The pair reminisced about their days in radio, talking about their previous jobs, mentioning other stations where they've worked and just generally shooting the breeze about the biz for a few minutes. 

Radio is often a lot like Fight Club, where the first rule is you don't talk about radio on the radio. It was a nice moment and I hope the newscaster, who's been on 640 for the past 5 years, enjoys his time in TV. It's a very different animal and not as much fun as its sister medium, but I'm sure he'll do well in his new post. 

No word yet on who's taking his place in the morning.    


November 20, 2020 8:52 am  #2

Re: GNR640's Longtime Morning News Anchor Gets Nice On Air Sendoff

By the way, Tawil admitted that it will be a strange farewell - he'll have to say goodbye to his colleagues via Zoom, because of the COVID crisis. A definitely different way to leave.  

My favourite story that came out, though, was when Brady talked about the time when 640 was Leafs heavy (before, as he said, Bell & Rogers came with "bags of money" and took the rights away) and he decided to leave for the Fan. He admitted that after his final show on the station, he took the GO Train home, all the while wondering if he'd done the right thing. When he got off the train, he remembers "puking into a trash can" at the train station he was so unsure of giving up a sure thing for something unknown. 

Been there, done that! (Although I never threw up into anything, so there's that...)   

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