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September 23, 2020 1:42 pm  #1

Emmy Awards Schitt Storm Ratings

Depending on where you live, the Emmy Awards were either a bit of a bust or get a big thumbs up ratings wise.  On ABC the awards averaged only about 6 million viewers, the lowest ever.  Here in Canada CTV racked up decent numbers with almost 1.6 million tuning in.

Entirely possible that Schitt's Creek with 9 nominations and 7 awards was partially responsible for the good ratings here since most Canadians are familiar with the CBC sitcom and were likely rooting for the home team.   

Bill Brioux has an interesting take on this and the most recent survey. Unlike the US, sports in Canada so far is not showing up nearly as strong in the weekly survey.  The only exception would be the NBA Raptor playoff games. The NHL playoffs are not showing up in the top 30 and even the NFL so far has not caught on as yet north of the border. Major league baseball, nowhere to be found.

Newscasts have been ruling nationally here all summer with both CTV and Global picking up the lion's share of viewers for their news.

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