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July 29, 2020 9:53 am  #1

$chitt's Creek 15 Emmy Nominations for Final Season

A show that some love and some don't like at all has done well in the nominations for this year's Emmy Awards. Fifteen nominations in total including for Best Comedy Series.

Schitt's Creek was nominated for 4 Emmy's last year but came up empty handed.

Eugene Levy commented last year on the popularity of Schitt's Creek, which only occasionally makes the top 30 shows in Canada. On Pop TV in the US it is their most popular show.
Levy mentioned that SCTV was never a ratings winner either and was never in the top 30 shows.  SCTV really had more of a cult status when it originally aired in the late 70's into the mid 80's..   CBC ran the show in prime time and NBC ran a longer 90 minute version Fridays 12:30am until 2am.  At the time it seemed like everyone I knew watched SCTV and loved it, but in fact it never was a ratings winner.

Like Schitt's Creek, SCTV was nominated for many Emmy awards and did pick up some during it's run from 1976 to 1984.


July 30, 2020 9:17 am  #2

Re: $chitt's Creek 15 Emmy Nominations for Final Season

Regardless of who wins, it's certainly going to be a strange Emmy ceremony this year. All of it will be virtual, using remotes from celebrity homes. How they'll do all that and still keep the results a secret is beyond me. But it will certainly be the most unusual Emmy show in the Award's history. (Rob Lowe dancing with Snow White in 1989 notwithstanding!)

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