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June 24, 2020 4:48 pm  #1

CNN Planning "History Of Sitcoms" & "The Story Of Late Night" Series

CNN occasionally does limited series and now the U.S. all-news network has announced a new set of documentaries. Two of them may be of interest to some here: "The History of The Sitcom" is labelled by Deadline as an "eight-part series...focused on groundbreaking and popular TV comedies." The self-explained "Story of Late Night" is also an eight parter.

No word yet on when they'll air but CNN has an unfortunate history of making these shows then endlessly interrupting them for breaking news - which sometimes isn't really headline making. Given how crazy 2020 continues to be, who knows if we'll ever see them?

These are just two of many upcoming series promised by the cable station. You can see the complete list here.