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April 16, 2020 8:56 pm  #61

Re: Hosts working from home

Thanks for the highlights. Not sure why I missed it the first time around.

I will be thinking of you the next time my lights go out!


April 17, 2020 7:52 am  #62

Re: Hosts working from home

I suppose it was inevitable that something would finally go wrong with one of the big players broadcasting from home. It happened on Friday, when John Moore suddenly disappeared from CFRB around the 6 AM newsbreak, after his remote to the station broke down. Jerry Agar popped up to take his place.

Agar, who was still at his own house, was understandably completely unprepared for the sudden segment, and he kept asking producer Robert Turner what to talk about next. Meanwhile, while the pair was vamping on air, Moore got into his car and zoomed down to the actual studios, entering the Richmond St. HQ for the first time in five weeks. 

He noted that it felt odd being back and he felt compelled to wipe down every button and every mic in the studio. I've heard some odd artifacts on RB since this started, but it's the first time I'm aware of a complete breakdown that required someone to rush downtown to sit in the main air chair. 

Meanwhile, another odd interruption plagued the competition the evening before. Just after midnight, Charles Adler was replaying an earlier editorial on 640 about the Chinese government's complicity in the coronavirus mess, when the signal suddenly went out. (Conspiracy fans would undoubtedly see a sinister sign here, but the truth is the line simply went down.)

What was interesting is what happened next. Stations on automation usually have an emergency file to be played if that happens and it kicked in right away on the Toronto Corus outlet. It turned out to be an old broadcast of another talk show.

Really old.

It was an ancient Tina Tirginani show about taxi drivers and traffic tickets. 

Not only has Tina not done an actual show on the station for years, but it was non-COVID-19 related, which in itself made it stand out. It was from so long ago, that she actually referred to the place as "AM 640" as opposed to the Global News branding it uses now. Maybe it's time to update that one! 

Overall, though, I've been very impressed how well this "broadcasting from home" thing has worked. It's been an amazing test of technology and for the most part, it's come through like a champion.  


April 18, 2020 12:21 am  #63

Re: Hosts working from home

If an emergency reroll becomes necessary again on 640, I'd love to hear a few hours of the Stafford show back in the days when it was Ryan and Patrick doing the honors next to Mike. Don't get me wrong I love Staff and Supriya together, but during this pandemic some Before Times talk radio about the greatest generation and pop culture, with Mike and Patrick beaking Ryan for his music and language choices (and ending off with a Tina T produced classic "Happy Ending") would be a most enjoyable blast from the past.


May 6, 2020 9:35 am  #64

Re: Hosts working from home

I was listening to Marc Patrone on Wednesday when there were a few weird sounds in the background. As he reached to adjust whatever it was, he admitted that, for some reason, he's been doing his show on Sauga 960 from his car.

I guess during this COVID crisis, some stay home, some drive to work, and some do both at the same time!