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April 5, 2020 11:28 am  #1

Fake But Real Sounding "Lost Season" NBA Games Being Broadcast Online

Well, I suppose this is one way for sports fans to recover while waiting for the seasons of each league to start up again - broadcast fake games and make them up as they go along. There's an online organization (and I use the term loosely) called MSCHF (i.e. "Mischief") that's presenting a host of stunts on the Internet for amusement and bemusement. 

The latest is called "," a website that broadcasts games that were supposed to have been played, just to imagine what might have happened. What's odd about this is that they've actually managed to get real broadcasters to take part.

The website where this is hosted claims to be "simulating the lost games as hyper-realistic audio broadcasts." According to an article in USA Today, it apparently sounds like the real thing:

"There’s not an actual computer simulation at work here. Instead, to make this thing work, they’re using actual broadcasters to call the game and it’s totally up to the broadcasters what the results will be. They’re basically creating their own version of NBA history with their calls." 

I'd actually wondered about bereft sports radio stations using computer games to simulate action, but I suppose this is the next best thing. Sort of.

As I post this, the next "game" between the Magic and the 76ers is scheduled to go live in about 30 minutes, at 1 PM EDT. If you're curious what this sounds like or if you're suffering from NBA withdrawal, you can check it out while it lasts here.


April 5, 2020 11:32 am  #2

Re: Fake But Real Sounding "Lost Season" NBA Games Being Broadcast Online

And by the way, the fake Raptors/Rockets match that would have been played on April 5th is supposed to start at 7 PM.  

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