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June 12, 2015 10:18 pm  #1

Kanye West calls up radio station unannounced then this...

I wonder, ya know, how long, ya know, it took for this call to be, ya know, the most run promo in the stations history ;).  Just for the love of god stop yelling...

(Via GigWise)

Kanye West called in unannounced to Hot97's radio show yesterday to dispel some rumours and tells us that, really, he's just an average guy and actually 'completely boring' amongst some other stuff. OK, Kanye.

If you haven't heard, the rumour mill has been turning recently with reports that West chucked children out Chuck E. Cheese after he wanted his daughter, North, to play on her own there. It seems this was the catalyst for the interview and West sure had a few things to say.

"I haven’t even been to Chuck E. Cheese. But I’m glad that I heard that so I could intercept it. They should be paying me to even say their name," later adding, “I don’t even eat pizza, what am I gonna do at Chuck E. Cheese?”

The rapper was pretty critical of anyone who had been running the story, saying 'I'm just living my life, having a good time, I'm with my family. And I'm getting the opportunity to create," mentioning his clothing lines and films as well as his new album SWISH - but he didn't give a release date for the album either.

“When I walk up to people they’re like, ‘Wow! You’re nice.’ They’re acting like I’m walking actually turning over furniture everywhere I go...I'm in my own zone. I can't go walk around trying to defend myself, chime in on everything."

As with all things Kanye, the interview quickly delved into other subjects, like artistry and innovativeness and West came out with some gems.

"I don't like the statement 'weird' when something is innovative... I hate the fact that creative people are beat down so much and put in a position where they can't even speak out loud. That's the reason why the world is ugly." He went on to say: "There's millions of beautiful colours in the world, but the world is only controlled by one colour. I fight for the people who see those colours... I have the bravery to take the hit."

He was also humble, as always. "If you look at the past ten years, have I contributed more or took away more from the world - from music, stage design, or just from wearing dope-ass clothes at the airport. Have I contributed enough?"

Next up for Kanye? He wants to take some time to focus on his album, on the forthcoming election, on his daughter's birthday and 'recharging' and 'energising'.

"Right now, I'm completely boring, actually... I'm so boring. All I do is go to the studio every day. I'd riding through the 'burbs with no woes." And he's definitely not going out clubbing.

Keep doing you, Kanye. We love it.

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June 13, 2015 3:33 pm  #2

Re: Kanye West calls up radio station unannounced then this...

Ebonics, yo'.