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June 12, 2015 4:39 pm  #1

Should Alex Pierson Be Allowed To Host RB's Live Drive?

In the wake of this week's debacle involving the CBC's Evan Solomon, comes a new question: Is it ethical for someone shilling for a company or an industry to be given the reins of  a major drive time radio show for an entire week? Alex Pierson has been subbing for Ryan Doyle and has a lot of experience.

But after she lost her Sun News gig, she became the official media spokesperson for Co-Op Cabs  in the ongoing fight with Uber. She's been repeatedly interviewed on newscasts on both TV and radio. And she continues in that role, as a compensated PR flak. Yet to my knowledge, that's never been mentioned during her week in the air chair.

The question: given that she's  currently getting paid to be the voice and face  of a company (and by extension, an industry) is it ethical to let her act as a supposedly objective broadcaster on the radio without at least disclosing that other job? Or is it OK, as long as Uber or the taxi industry don't come up?

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June 12, 2015 11:04 pm  #2

Re: Should Alex Pierson Be Allowed To Host RB's Live Drive?

Since when does a broadcaster on a talk station need to be objective?  It's all about opinion.

Then again, if she decides to talk about the taxi industry without disclosing her interests, that wouldn't be right, either.  That, however, could wind up backfiring if she takes calls and gets a feel for how a lot of Uber users feel about the state of traditional taxis.