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January 18, 2016 10:24 pm  #1

2 more radio stations are taking legal action against port tunnel

Now that you have to sign in to your twitter account to use the much touted WiFi in the TTC, it wouldn't surprise me for them to offer radio down there fairly soon.  It'll be interesting to see how it's done, and what stations are offered.

Will it be just Rogers, or just Bell, or a custom Wifi app that offers a selection?  No matter what, it'll be a fight I'll bet.


[Via Dublin Journal]
TWO MORE RADIO stations have joined Radio NOVA in taking legal action against the operators of the Dublin Port Tunnel.

Radio NOVA announced in December that it would be seeking an injunction against Transport Infrastructure Ireland, the operators of the tunnel, and have co-opted Classic Hits 4FM and Sunshine 106.8 into its cause.
Currently, only seven radio stations are broadcast in the 4.5km tunnel.
What do the stations want?

Radio NOVA has said that it wants to become available in the tunnel or for the situation to change so that no FM radio stations are available.

Speaking about this, the stations’ CEO Kevin Branigan said: “Both Classic Hits and Sunshine share our grievances and have jointed our action as co-plaintiffs.

Due to limitations in technology the Port Tunnel is unable to broadcast more than seven stations.
Voicing his support for the action, Sean Ashmore, CEO of Classic Hits 4FM and Sunshine 106.8, said: “We’re happy to become a full partner in NOVA’s action as it seems abundantly clear it is the only way the situation will be resolved.”


Madness takes its toll.  Please have exact change.