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January 12, 2019 12:30 pm  #1

UTI's now free!

During this week's episode of 'Under the Influence' Terry O'Reilly announced that the entire catelogue of the show is now available for free. Over the years, there's been a fair amount of faff over how/when/if you could get a hold of different seasons, so this is a terrific development for fans.

With the marathon of January/February/March weather to weather, having seriously good podcasts to listen to will be a welcome distraction.

This week's UTI was fun, full of puns, and includes S&M advertising on a ketchup bottle, why we have those little stickers on fruit, how to make use of beards and benches, and as always, you see the world slightly differently after half an hour with Terry.

If you've never checked out the show, maybe give'er a listen.

Now if we could just get all of the "Age of Persuasion" episodes... On season one, the first episode ever was 'So you want to be a voice actor' and I have yet to hear it. I'm curious as hell to hear Terry's views on the subject.

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