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December 22, 2015 4:54 pm  #1

What Kind Of Sales Manager Are You?

Given our radio industry's flat-lining revenue odyssey, addressing how we manage our sales teams has rarely been more critical.   

Here is the latest SalesDrive blog post that I had to share.   Chris Croner has done some amazing things in helping others select and manage sales teams - and he's one of the most collaborative folks with whom you'll ever speak.  

Have you ever wondered what type of leadership style your personality dictates? There are a number of managerial styles in sales. Find out which pop-culture sales manager fits your style the best with Chris' 7-question quiz.

Although he and I have not yet had the occasion to do business together, our sales conversations have been the most insightful and inspiring that I've ever enjoyed; having used some of his criteria previously to select stand-out radio sellers who have made their mark as media managers, such as John MacIntosh (Bayshore), Tom Evans (Postmedia), Candace Wight, Donna Matthews (Cottage Country Connection).

You may think that you can "game" the quiz with your answers, but your true responses will give you a revealing self-assessment.   Me?  I'm an "Oprah Winfrey".   

Even after all the psychological studies used by most radio managers in picking sales candidates, our industry's flat-lining revenue not just requires new approaches in selecting and managing people, but that we identify and capitalize on existing revenue opportunities that increase client and station results that our industry is not harvesting.

 [Quiz] What Kind of Sales Manager Are You?
*Chris notes in his correspondence that the quiz is for entertainment purposes only and is not meant as an accurate assessment of managerial styles.  If you want to get accuracy on the various types of sales and management assessments, you'll find Chris on or on the SalesDrive LinkedIn page.                                        

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