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December 17, 2015 10:44 pm  #61

Re: All News Format Ends As CHCH Makes Cuts

Radiowiz wrote:

The CURRENT CHCH Week day 6pm newscast is clearly being done by people who treat every newscast like it's their last now.
At the end of the newscast there is no reference to what's coming up at 11PM, and no encouraging to tune in at 11PM

The last words are "That's it for us! Good night and have a good one!" (as if there's no 11PM newscast!) 

Not reminding people there's news at 11PM is bad, is it not? I think so...

Okay, for today's CHCH @ 6 newscast "we're back at 11" was raced in, rather quickly at the very end,
but better than nothing, I suppose. 


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December 17, 2015 10:52 pm  #62

Re: All News Format Ends As CHCH Makes Cuts

Prod Guy wrote:

I've been in radio 30 years and I see lots of day part specific sales just as I always have.  I see some more bonusing of non-drive dayparts. 

I've been told point blank that they don't care about anything after 6 pm by more than a few programmers.


December 17, 2015 11:15 pm  #63

Re: All News Format Ends As CHCH Makes Cuts

Perhaps they don't promo the 11 like they should because it's not really "new" news. According to the Spectator, CHCH's 11 o'clock news is now mostly pre-taped, with "some live elements," whatever that means. That's a very sad way to run a newsroom, especially if anything is breaking late.

The Spectator:

What CHCH will look like after job cuts

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December 17, 2015 11:41 pm  #64

Re: All News Format Ends As CHCH Makes Cuts

By the way, the Spectator is doing yeoman's work in covering this story, and it's been on a lot of other stations as well. Here are a few of the CHCH related articles worth a look if you're following this closely: 

How some ex-CHCH staffers could get their jobs back:

Michael Lynk, a Western University labour law professor, said he expects Unifor will file an unfair labour practice complaint with the Canada Industrial Relations Board arguing that the new company is simply a successor to the company that was taken into bankruptcy.If the board ultimately agrees that the new company is a successor employer, Lynk said, "the union stays in place, the collective agreement stays in place — it governs and binds a new employer — and the provisions in the collective agreement with respect to severance pay, with respect to how layoffs are going to be ordered, has to follow through. "So those who were jettisoned, particularly if they were senior employees, may well have the standing, if the union is victorious, to get their jobs back," Lynk said.

From A genuine bankruptcy? Senior CHCH staff could get reprieve

Ex-staffer Jennifer Mossop offers some moral support to those on the street:

There is life after television. In fact, there is great meaning to life after television. In fact, television pales in comparison to the incredible opportunities that exist everywhere to make the world a better place, and make a living doing so. I know it hurts like hell, and you have a journey ahead of you. But there are great things ahead for all of you, and I can't wait to hear about them. I know I will be excited, and envious even, of the things you will all now find, not just to do, but to contribute, to embrace, and through which you will grow. Yes, even at age 50 and 60, and then some.

From To my colleagues at CHCH: It gets better gave some departed CH-ers a chance to say goodbye. 

The hours were long, the pay was lousy and the stress was high, but it was fun, perhaps too much fun.
-Donna Skelly, reporter and host

From CHCH reporters, hosts say thank you and goodbye

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December 18, 2015 1:09 am  #65

Re: All News Format Ends As CHCH Makes Cuts

Sean O'Shea filed a second story on the Channel 11 LP bankruptcy and explores the structure and legalities of so called "shell companies"