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December 6, 2018 8:59 pm  #1

“People Helping People” Gets A “Farm” Team On CFRB

Call it “People Helping People” without Mark Elliot.

Next week, CFRB interrupts their “Beyond Reality Radio” craziness for a six day tryout show. It will be hosted by a guy named Yonah Budd, the founder of The Farm in Stouffville, a place that helps people with drug and alcohol problems.
But it’s not a permanent program – at least not yet. According to Budd, RB is donating the time and he’s giving up his to try out the idea for a one week airing, this coming Saturday-Thursday from midnight-1 AM. No one’s getting paid for the time and it’s a kind of an experiment to see how it goes and if they get any calls.
Budd notes that if it ever DID become a regularly scheduled program, it would likely be only on the weekends, because he doesn’t have the time to put in all those extra hours six days a week. 
It sounds a lot like Elliot’s show and while I certainly have no objection to such a program – I don’t suffer from the affliction that it will address – I have to wonder why they didn’t just go back to an experienced radio guy like Mark – although (and I could be wrong about this) I believe The Farm does advertise on the station.


December 6, 2018 10:22 pm  #2

Re: “People Helping People” Gets A “Farm” Team On CFRB

If memory serves, Mark stayed on even after NT1010 stopped paying him.  He was quite happy to do the show gratis just to be able to throw in a couple of plugs for his services.  Then, they gave him the heave-ho.

Even though I don't suffer from addictions, I found myself listening to Mark's show a lot, especially if I had a late Saturday night catching up on work.  I found it compelling radio and I actually learned a lot which came handy a few years later when I had a condition for which doctors were freely prescribing opioids.  I like to credit his program for giving me the knowledge not to be sucked into that trap.