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September 6, 2017 12:25 pm  #1

Multiple U.S. Radio Hosts Arrested On Serious Charges This Past Month

We all know that on-air types aren’t angels, but this is ridiculous. No less than five radio hosts in the U.S. have been arrested in the past month, charged with a range of offences that could cost some of them their careers.

The latest is one of the most high profile in the States, because he co-hosts a show on WFAN in New York. Craig Carton, part of “Boomer and Carton” on the all sports station, has been charged with running a $5.6 million ticket scam to cover his gambling debts run up at two casinos. He’s said to be at least $2 million it the hole to them. The details, which can be found here, are pretty ugly. By the way, the "Boomer" half of the duo is former NFL great Boomer Esiason, who isn’t involved and is said to be stunned along with everyone else. Carton earns $250,000 a year, but that apparently wasn’t enough to fuel his alleged gambling addiction. For obvious reasons, this is a big story in New York.
Then there’s the curious case of one Ryen Russillo, who works for ESPN Radio. He was arrested on August 25th in Wyoming, after allegedly getting hammered, entering a complete stranger’s condo and refusing to leave. Details are fuzzy, but he apparently was found in a bedroom with his pants around his ankles. It appears he may have thought it was his place.
The accused has since issued a major apology, and was said to be back on the air on Tuesday.
Next comes a round-up of suspected johns in a Seattle police sting, that netted at least one surprising suspect – the morning man at KJR, the all-sports station in Seattle. Cops allege that Mitch Levy of “Mitch in the Morning” was found with $160 in cash on a bedside table – although he claims he had a tough day and was just there for a massage. 
Then there’s Samuel Cantu, a jock at KIXY in San Antonio, who’s facing serious charges of sexually assaulting two children “under the age of 17.”

And finally, there’s this, perhaps the most bizarre one of all. A former syndicated radio host and investment advice expert in Chevy Chase, Maryland, named Dawn Bennett is accused of running a Ponzi scheme and committing various kinds of bank frauds. So far, pretty routine. Except FBI investigators not only found hundreds of pairs of shoes in her closet, they also discovered what appeared to be instructions on how to cast a “spell” to keep her accusers silent.
And no, you can’t make this stuff up.
According to the Washington Post:
[Authorities] additionally turned up handwritten notes detailing something called a “Beef Tongue Shut Up Hoodoo Spell,” a procedure calling for slitting open an animal tongue. Another note was scratched with an incantation: “I cross and cover you[,] come under my command[.] I command you to hold your tongue.”

Then, the two freezers: Inside, the shelves were crowded with dozens of sealed jars, many inked on the lids with the initials of SEC staff, the documents say. The bizarre findings, according to an affidavit filed in federal court this week, suggested Bennett had “many times cast a ‘hoodoo spell’ in hopes of paranormally silencing the SEC attorneys” handling her case.”


None of the allegations on any of these cases has been proven in court, but clearly many of the accused are not only facing serious jail time but also the end of their radio careers. Of course, we’re not immune to that here.
Many years ago, the late Frank Benny, afternoon man at WGR, was arrested for bank robbery.
And while he was acquitted of the sexual harassment and assault charges against him, former CBC host Jian Ghomeshi still hasn’t been able to resume his radio gig – and it’s possible he never will.


September 6, 2017 1:11 pm  #2

Re: Multiple U.S. Radio Hosts Arrested On Serious Charges This Past Month

Luckily my boy Cam Stewart, aka The Raging Redhead, has kept his nose clean.


September 6, 2017 8:14 pm  #3

Re: Multiple U.S. Radio Hosts Arrested On Serious Charges This Past Month

If the Great Brass deems it good radio, much will be tolerated.


November 7, 2018 4:49 pm  #4

Re: Multiple U.S. Radio Hosts Arrested On Serious Charges This Past Month

Just as a follow-up - Craig Carton, one of WFAN's biggest stars - has been found guilty on fraud charges and now faces a stunning 45 years in jail.

Quite a comedown for one of the once-most famous and highly rated radio figures in the U.S. 

Ex-WFAN host Craig Carton found guilty on all fraud charges, faces 45 years in prison

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November 7, 2018 6:11 pm  #5

Re: Multiple U.S. Radio Hosts Arrested On Serious Charges This Past Month

Whatever did happen to Brian Costello?


November 8, 2018 4:21 am  #6

Re: Multiple U.S. Radio Hosts Arrested On Serious Charges This Past Month

from The Globe and Mail  RoB...  April 30, 2003

OSC orders Costello to pay $ 300K