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September 30, 2018 3:14 pm  #1

Jazz.FM rejects Garvia Bailey’s Dismissal Suit

Jazz.FM rejects Garvia Bailey’s dismissal suit, blames her performance

"Jazz.FM says Garvia Bailey lost her position as morning-show host because of concerns about her performance and weak ratings for the program — not because she complained about sexual harassment and bullying at the station.

Jazz.FM filed a statement of defence Friday in response to a $420,000 lawsuit Bailey filed at the end of last month. The suit alleged wrongful and constructive dismissal, claiming she was terminated for joining a group of 13 current and former employees known as the Collective, which launched complaints against then-CEO Ross Porter and other senior leaders at the station in a March letter."

They also announced an abbreviated donor campaign. Not surprising. Given they've gutted their on air staff, whose left to staff it?  That will be a real bell weather on the health of the station.

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September 30, 2018 4:54 pm  #2

Re: Jazz.FM rejects Garvia Bailey’s Dismissal Suit

Donovan Vincent, in Star story, wrote:

Around the end of April, Bailey was told by a senior member at the station that ratings for her show were terrible. Bailey was told she was to begin hosting an “unnamed and unbranded” overnight radio show, she said in her suit.

The station later offered to return her to the morning-show host position if she did so under a “performance management plan” but she declined the offer, Bailey says in her claim.

Question: Why would you remove someone from a morning show because you were unhappy with the ratings, tell her she was headed for OVERNIGHTS, then offer "to return her to the morning-show host position?"
Doesn't seem to make any radio sense.