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September 29, 2018 1:34 pm  #1

Rebel Radio Ottawa helps tornado businesses

I thought this was an interesting move, both for altruistic and marketing reasons.  Below is a release from CIDG Rebel Radio owned by Torres....

A message from Tim Wieczorek, REBEL 101.7's Director of Operations,  
On Friday September 21st tornadoes and severe storms wreaked havoc in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. Many businesses and people have pitched in to help in the recovery.
As an Operator of an independent and locally owned business, we understand that unexpected challenges can stretch the resources of a locally operated business.
We experienced a short interruption due to the storm ourselves. However, we know it was nothing like other businesses experienced.
If your business has been severely affected, we want to help.
Over the next six months, REBEL 101.7 has put aside a block of inventory that we will be GIVING out at no charge, to locally owned and operated businesses in Ottawa-Gatineau, who have been affected by the storms.
There are no conditions other than being locally owned and operated and that your business has suffered from legitimate hardships.
Send us an email to, with the subject line “Recovery” along with a brief description.
The only requirement is, when you can, pay it forward. #rocklocal
Tim Wieczorek