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September 21, 2018 3:26 pm  #1

The voice of the Blue Jays is ... who exactly?

From the Toronto Sun:

The voice of the Blue Jays is ... who exactly?

From the article:

"Sometimes the television lineup has Buck Martinez doing play-by-play and Pat Tabler doing colour. Sometimes it has the exceptional Dan Shulman doing play-by-play and either Martinez or Tabler doing colour. And, sometimes, all three of them are there..."

"It’s no different from the radio side. Ben Wagner, the Blue Jays’ rookie of the year, was brought in from Buffalo to do play-by-play alongside the venerable Mike Wilner — unless Shulman is doing the play-by-play, unless some ex-Blue Jay is brought in to do some innings of colour. It’s not very apparent to the listening public who the radio crew is on any given night."

Have to admit, I've thought the same thing over this past season with the rotating game callers. It's been a lousy year overall for the team in general and I'm not all that impressed with Wagner, although he faced an impossible task taking over from the veteran Howarth. 

I agree with Simmons - I wish Shulman could do all the games. He's absolutely terrific. The rest? Well, you need a scorecard on a daily basis to discover who's doing what. And sometimes, even then, you can't always tell.