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July 25, 2018 10:09 am  #1

Kevin O’Connell Forced Off The Air At WGRZ-TV After 25 Years

He’s been a disc jockey, a news reporter, a telethon host and a weatherman. But as of last week, Buffalo broadcasting vet Kevin O’Connell is something else – unemployed. The longtime familiar face on Queen City TV and radio was forced to leave WGRZ-TV after a bizarre series of events apparently led management to suggest it was time to go.
According to the Buffalo News, O’Connell testified in the case of a law firm that he also endorsed on their site. He’s quoted as saying he was paid for his testimony, which WGRZ’s owner claims is a violation of their employment and ethics policy, one that doesn’t allow employees to openly back any commercial business.
As a result, O’Connell was forced to resign.

And the station didn’t wait long. The story broke at the beginning of the month. His last broadcast was on July 16th. It’s a sad ending to a career that has included stops at WKBW-AM, WYSL, WIVB and even KNBC and KCBS in L.A.
But as ignominious as his departure may be, he had been at Channel 2 for 25 years. And they were at least good enough to allow him a chance for a final farewell – something not every on-air person gets. He said his sudden goodbye in what appeared to be a carefully scripted (and likely pre-taped) appearance last week.

You can watch it here.  


July 25, 2018 11:58 am  #2

Re: Kevin O’Connell Forced Off The Air At WGRZ-TV After 25 Years

Classy. Professional. Loyal. We wish Kevin well, knowing there's more to come.