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June 4, 2015 11:59 am  #1

CRTC Reveals Avg. Salaries Of Cable Station Employees

The CRTC came out with a wide ranging list of financial results from all of Canada’s specialty networks on Thursday, comparing several years worth of results. To no one’s surprise, SportsNet and TSN lead the list in profitability, even as they threaten to raise your rates because of ever increasing rights costs.
It also lists the number of staffers and the average (and it should be stressed these are average only) salaries of employees at each outlet, some of which are intriguing. CTV News Channel people make about $114,000-plus overall. TSN’s toilers are said to pull in nearly $110-grand annually, while SportsNets’s employees are lucky to come home with just under $70,000 in the bank. It was as high as $92-grand in 2012.

And it's small wonder CityNews Channel and SUN News no longer make headlines. They were bleeding money for a long time before they stopped trying. 
The entire list can be found here.
But since everyone is always curious about what other people make, here a few highlights from the bigger stations:
Total staff: 84
Avg. Salary: $91,098
Total staff: 87 (down from 100 in 2011)
Avg. Salary: $90,787
CityNews Channel:
Total staff: (2013, when they pulled the plug) 55
Avg. Salary: $60,048
It’s small wonder the station didn’t last. Its losses were huge, with pre-tax profits some $3 million in the hole when the place shut down.
CTV News Channel
Total staff: 82
Avg. Salary: $114,264
Total staff: 56.73 (.73? How many people in a .73?)
Avg. Salary: $72,056
Another sign of how things have changed for this network. Its pre-tax profits are off 7.8%
Total staff: 446.17
Avg. Salary: $68,222 (This despite the fact profits are soaring, up 14% before taxes even with the NHL deal eating into them.)
Compare that to SportsNet 360, which boasts just 118 staffers, who make an average of $78,514 a year, even though profits are down 25%
Sun News
Total staff: 133
Avg. salary: $76,181 when they stopped in 2014. That was down nearly 10-grand from the year before.
Their profits were off by a whopping 175% by the time the place was put out of its misery.
Total staff: 224
Avg. salary: $109,530
Despite losing hockey, their 2014 profits were up almost 23%
Weather Network
Total staff: 203
Avg. salary: $82,177


June 5, 2015 12:22 pm  #2

Re: CRTC Reveals Avg. Salaries Of Cable Station Employees

Total staff: 224
Avg. salary: $109,530
Despite losing hockey, their 2014 profits were up almost 23%
Kudos to the few who said, when Rogers grabbed hockey, that TSN wasn't about to roll over and die.

Interesting, too, that so few abandoned ship. Good on them!