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July 9, 2018 12:49 pm  #1

CRTC Releases Job Numbers & Avg. Wages For Canadian Radio

The CRTC released a ton of data Monday about the economic state (and fate) of radio and TV stations in Canada. There’s so much there, it would never fit in one thread, but suffice to say conventional TV and radio broadcast profits are down overall and they continue to fall as the Internet juggernaut continues to rise.
What I found especially interesting, though, was not only the sections on staffing at TV and radio stations across the country but what the average salaries were and how those have changed over the range of the survey, which is 2013-2017. Not to mention the differences between private broadcasters and the CBC.
Here’s a sneak peek on the radio side:
Overall Nationwide (Includes English, French and Ethnic Formats)
Staff Count, 2013: 10,256
Staff Count, 2017: 8,637
Avg. Wages 2013: $59,002
Avg. Wages 2017: $65,457
Private AM Radio Staff Count 2013: 2,381
Private AM Radio Staff Count 2017: 1,980
Avg. Wages 2013: $62,995
Avg .Wages 2017: $66,093
Private FM Radio Staff Count 2013: 7,875
Private FM Radio Staff Count 2017:  6,657
Avg. Wages 2013: $67,305
Avg. Wages 2017: $74,535
CBC Staff Count/Canada 2013: 2,178
CBC Staff Count Canada 2017: 1,921
Avg. CBC Wages 2013: $98,025
Avg. CBC Wages 2017: $106,395    
Toronto Market
Overall Private Staff Count 2013: 1,115  
Overall Private Staff Count 2017: 1,026
Avg .Wages 2013: $77,302
Avg .Wages 2017: $79,024
AM Staff Count 2013: 526
AM Staff Count 2017: 478
AM Avg. Wages 2013: $65,637
AM Avg. Wages 2017: $67,977
FM Staff Count 2013: 589    
FM Staff Count 2017: 547
FM Avg. Wages 2013: $87,720
FM Avg. Wages 2017: $88,684
CBC Ontario Staff Count 2013: 704
CBC Ontario Staff Count 2017: 639
Avg. CBC Ont. Wages 2013: $98,544
Avg. CBC Ont. Wages 2017: $109,167
(The CBC is not broken down by markets, just provinces)
There’s a ton more, including a breakdown of all the major Canadian regions from B.C. to New Brunswick and major markets in Ontario, ranging from Ottawa and Peterborough to Windsor-Chatham. But without getting too long, here’s just one more that’s close to home:
Hamilton Market
(Note: not broken down by AM and FM)
Overall Staff Count 2013: 129  
Overall Staff Count 2017: 86
Avg. Wages 2013: $63,358
Avg .Wages 2017: $75,103
As you can see, the number of jobs in private radio is down everywhere but the pay rates of those who remain with a radio gig are up slightly. But they’ve gone through the roof, comparatively speaking, at the CBC.
And lest it be called an “old canard,” you’re paying for it.
You can read the overall report here and see the specific number breakdown here.
 The TV numbers are here.
The index for other indices are here.