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June 10, 2018 5:06 pm  #1's Founder Is Gone at 67

Many here may know the name Richard Irwin. He was an old radio vet who in the early days of the Internet founded, a place most believe was the best aircheck site that ever existed on the worldwide web. A few weeks ago, an ailing Richard decided to shut the site down, since he was too sick to look after it any more and he didn't trust anyone else to deliver the quality he so cherished. 

Sadly, I learned from on Sunday that Richard passed away on Wednesday. He was only 67. was the very first site I made my homepage way back in 1995, when I got my first computer. He was a true online radio aircheck pioneer and there may never be another quite like him. Before the site went down, he noted that he'd saved all the templates and airchecks, and there was a chance if his illness or symptoms improved, he would restore it to its former glory. Sadly, it appears that will never happen now. (Fortunately, we still have Dale Patterson's excellent, but I know Dale was a fan of "Uncle Ricky" as well. He pays a fitting tribute to him on his home page here.)  

I was very sad to learn that a man who cared a lot about quality over quantity is gone. He really was one of a kind. Richard Irwin Dies at 67