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September 12, 2015 10:15 pm  #1

Is a men’s radio station a backward step for broadcasting?

[Via The Guardian]

After 20 years, XFM – the beloved soundtrack to my university years – is relaunching. “Radio X – the first truly male-focused, fully national music and entertainment brand for 25-44 year olds” launches 21 September, with a lineup of blokey presenters. While this might not sound like progress, consider the rationale.

In a digital age, every musical taste is catered for, but broadcasting is different. While listeners still have the option to turn the dial, frequencies are limited, and polarised propositions are the only way to build enough audience attention to attract advertisers. You gotta pay the bills.

Similarly, while digital advertising allows you to access an audience on highly targeted criteria, radio in the UK uses Rajar (radio joint audience research) to get an understanding of people’s listening habits using a “diary” and categories such as sex, age, social grade, ethnic origin, region and employment status.

While this might make some feel nauseous, anybody who has worked in media will understand this is how it works, with varying degrees of accuracy. In fact, all media uses criteria like this, explicitly or implicitly: we have the Asian Network, we have regional stations – so why not have a station for fellas?


Madness takes its toll.  Please have exact change.

September 13, 2015 12:24 am  #2

Re: Is a men’s radio station a backward step for broadcasting?

Why not?  Who'll 'buy' it?  Men don't shop.  Men don't like to shop.  Men don't want to shop.  AND...on average...compared to aren't too bright...nor are they committing to getting their basic education let alone the impressive so-called higher education.

Men are their own worst enemies.  MOST "hit" programming just and TV...because men are dumb-asses and because of that we get stuck with dancing and how to make pudding shows and souless, cloned, no talent singers re-recording the same worthless tripe ad-nauseum.  Not that there's often even one decent song to put on their next poop infested album anyway.

The only thing dumber than men?  Salesmen.

No ig...I don't think it'll fly.  Not enough man cards still being carried in wallets.  Obviously we're living in hades.  The GOOD news?  Time is running out for Bell and Rogers.  Don't think they'll make it to 2020.  Why?  Crap programming...subscribers leaving in alarming numbers.  Debts will not be serviceable.  Those houses of cards are about to tumble.  Maybe we'll actually get some broadcasters back into the radio game.  NEW ones hopefully...'cause the old sellouts really got out after their shelf lives had vacated the premises.  At least they found some rich buffoons to buy their stuff.  Rogers won't survive this current NHL hockey contract...and the Jays will stay afloat for maybe another year before the current blaze of glory bares its all of fruits and then the whole COSTLY process starts over.  Like Rogers...Bell owns their portion of MLSE...and the Argos.  Nuff said.  Adios.  Shoulda stuck to phones.  Alexander woulda fired your asses.  [so busy lookin' at those scary balance sheets that they've missed Global prepping to pass them.  WHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!!!!!]

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