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September 6, 2015 12:35 pm  #1

The Real Blundell Resurfaces

[Via Toronto Sports Media]

On Saturday of last week a 60 year old Atlanta Braves season ticket holder fell headfirst from the upper deck onto the seats below. The game was stopped while medical staff tried to revive him, but he died from his injuries. Investigators are still looking into the circumstances surrounding his death. His family released the following statement: “The night Greg passed away, he was doing one of his favorite things – watching the Braves.”

Fan safety has been a big topic this year after a broken bat almost killed a fan in Boston. On Monday morning, 36 hours after a fan died while attending a baseball game, Dean Blundell, George Rusic, and Ryan Fabro took to the airwaves to tackle this sensitive subject.

Here is how that conversation went:

Madness takes its toll.  Please have exact change.

September 6, 2015 1:57 pm  #2

Re: The Real Blundell Resurfaces

I'm not a fan (no pun intended) of sports radio, but after reading the article and seeing what was said, I can't help thinking to myself "so what"?

As a society, we've swung way too far in the other direction, being overly sensitive about everything.

Looking at the comments, I think the best one was from "Ken" who said:

 People have been laughing at stupid deaths forever and they are yearly immortalized in the Darwin awards.

To suggest that someone get fired for doing the same thing everyone else does with their friends is ridiculous.

This is such a non-story.

Would it have received the same attention if it wasn't Blundell?

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