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August 24, 2015 1:24 pm  #1

Full Johnny Carson Tonight Shows Returning To TV

They haven't been seen in complete form since the so-called King of Late Night left his post in 1992. But now Antenna TV, a network devoted to old sitcoms and dramas rarely seen anymore, has confirmed it will be showing the complete Carson classics in their entirety every weeknight at 11 PM beginning next Jan. 1st.

There's no way these won't be dated. Not only are the monologues filled with references to people long since out of the spotlight - or dead - but technology and the Internet has changed the face of latenight forever. Still, to many, Carson was the best there ever was and the chance to see the non-chopped up version of the shows will be a curiosity for some and a treat for many others.

Antenna TV is available as a subcarrer of WGRZ on channel 2.2 and generally is one of the stronger Buffalo signals in the GTA. As the name implies, it's over-the-air only - another reason to think about investing in a rooftop antenna.

Classic Johnny Carson shows return to late-night TV

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