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January 24, 2023 8:53 pm  #1

Oops! 8% Of U.S. Viewers Miss End Of Huge TV Debut After Major Snafu

It's not quite worthy of the Heidi Bowl, but you can imagine how P.O.d some viewers were. After getting a huge number of eyeballs for its NFL playoff game on Sunday, Fox unveiled one if its best reviewed and most anticipated new series, "Accused." And it turns out a lot of the audience stuck around. It was one of the biggest TV debuts in the past few years. 

The show, from one of the producers of "24," follows a crime from the point-of-view of the person accused and unfolds without viewers knowing what the subject did or even what they're charged with. People watched the entire hour across the country to impressive numbers. 

Except in 13 markets - representing 8% of the U.S. - where the final, concluding moments that revealed the ending of the show were cut off by a technical glitch, leaving those viewers with no way of knowing how it ended. You can imagine the reaction.

"The stations reportedly cut to local commercial at 10:55:45 PM and returned at 10:58:06 PM. The ad break was supposed to start at 10:58:20, following the sixth and final act of the episode. Instead, it pre-empted 2.5 minutes of action when key revelations about the case were revealed, rejoining the episode for the final 14 seconds."

Fortunately, Buffalo and Detroit were not among the affected markets for those on cable here. But Nexstar, already dedicated to destroying their newly purchased CW Network, strikes again!

‘Accused’: Local Stations Cut Away, Spoiling Ending Of Fox Drama Series’ Premiere


January 25, 2023 9:55 am  #2

Re: Oops! 8% Of U.S. Viewers Miss End Of Huge TV Debut After Major Snafu

I believe the series is simsubbed by Global here, so we wouldn't have had to deal with the technical glitches.