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September 7, 2021 5:33 pm  #1

Since May of 2017, Dale Patterson and I have created a unique site in honour of 1050 CHUM. is the site.  There are hundreds of photos from the 1950's up to the 2000's.  Bios of many CHUM DJ's (more will be added) plus EVERY SINGLE CHUM chart published from May 27, 1957 until April 26, 1975.  Many more years have the number one song listed as well. 

There are also inside stories about CHUM from me, as well as Warren Cosford, Rick Murray, a board operator then, later known as Rick Hunter when he was on air.  The late Mike Cleaver wrote a great piece on working in the CHUM newsroom.

I spent 13 years of my 50+ broadcast career at CHUM (over several different eras).  I'm very proud of the fact that I worked at CHUM during the Allan Slaight era as well as the J. Robert Wood era and then later as Creative Director of The Team (yes I know). But I was back again with Bob Laine in 2003 as we launched the CHUM Archives.  Sadly, Bob is gone, but the CHUM Archives lives on.

Also every week, we add a segment of a CHUM DJ aircheck in the CHUM DJ Hall of Fame.  This week (September 6, 2021, I broke format a bit to feature a report from CHUM newsman Bob Kennedy during the Rolling Stones concert at Maple Leaf Gardens.  Two CHUM reporters attended the concert and reported back to CHUM which was aired live during Jon Belmont's newscasts.  The one in this report was 11PM.  You can check every Monday for a new entry in the CHUM DJ Hall of Fame.

I plan to add much more to the site, including podcasts with former and current CHUM people, plus audio of classic promos and commercials unique to CHUM..

1050 CHUM Forever. 

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September 7, 2021 6:56 pm  #2


Great site indeed. My favorite feature is the CHUM CHART archive. Although I collected the chart for the last 93 charts during the 50 song era. I am missing  most of the ones that came before and after and so I go to the site to check chart info for certain songs. I did that on the weekend for Suzie- Q by CCR.

I see the 50 and 30 chart formats as symbols of top 40 radio becoming less interesting once the charts narrowed. Lots of interesting music was still made but much of the more interesting content was heard on the progressive FM stations.

I associate CCR as a post 30 song CHART act but I thought I remember hearing Suzie Q during the 50 song era and so I checked the archives. Anyway Suzie was a CHUM Charger on the third edition of the 30 song edition so borderline between the ears.

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Cool Airchecks and More:

September 7, 2021 7:17 pm  #3


Congratulations Doug and Dale on all of your work on  I have spent many hours scoping around and enjoy the photos, airchecks, chum charts and everything else that you have put up.
CHUM was always my favourite station, and I think they were the best overall top 40 station in North America. You certainly were a big part of that Doug during the stations golden era . Your promos for CHUM would always make me stop and listen to the production qualities and excellent writing.   CHUM was good at everything and didn't sound like other top 40 stations.  Some big US stations maybe had crazier jocks or more echo, or wilder promotions  but CHUM was always evolving, and always sounded great, with better music. 

I appreciated how the announcers were contemporary but also professional on air. CHUM jocks normally stayed away from risque material, or dwelling on the negative like other so called "entertaining" jocks on many other major market stations in North America.  They always kept things light and fun.  And CHUM's newscasts, best I ever heard on contemporary radio and they respected their young audience and gave them the news, not fluff. 

Yes indeed Doug, 1050 CHUM forever.  Well done!!


September 8, 2021 7:12 am  #4


I agree. The site is well designed and loaded with interesting memorabilia. The Chum Chart was also extremely well laid out in its presentation of the 50 or 30 song format. Far superior to what WABC, WLS, WCFL etc. offered as a popular music survey. One question. Is there any chance the site will eventually have the charts that appeared in the Toronto Sun, and later the Star?


September 8, 2021 2:57 pm  #5


CHUM's legacy is in good hands with Doug Thompson. He is, in fact, "Mr. CHUM." Doug has been working in the CHUM Archives forever and has found many gems that he's kindly donated to Rock Radio Scrapbook, and has put together many a montage exclusively for RRS. One of my favourites is this one, simply called "The CHUM Requiem", voiced by the late and great Bob Laine.


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