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March 27, 2016 12:46 pm  #1

Mike Filey

As I do every Sunday at 12:30PM, I listen to Mike Filey's Program "Our Toronto". This week, at the end of the show that after 15 years, this would be the last broadcast. Does anyone know if this was a management decision or has Mike decided it was time to move on. Personally, I think the former. Just the sound of his voice, I could tell Mike really enjoyed doing the show. There was plenty of enthusiasm there. I have always had an interest in Toronto's past. At least I still have Mike's "The Way We Were" column in the Sunday Sun and the "Lost Toronto" website to look at.


March 28, 2016 3:51 am  #2

Re: Mike Filey

mace wrote:

As I do every Sunday at 12:30PM, I listen to Mike Filey's Program "Our Toronto"

Are you an unwavering AM 740 listener?   M. Filey's perspectives on the past were excellent but unless one had a watch and a radio receiver close by, it is a chore to zoom around all AM 740's health & travel "programs", no?

Someone once said nostalgia ain't what it used to be; might have been Norm E. or Gene S.


March 28, 2016 12:48 pm  #3

Re: Mike Filey

I always had a wonderful time with Mike as a guest on NewsTalk1010!
He is the encyclopaedia of Toronto history...


March 28, 2016 1:23 pm  #4

Re: Mike Filey

I enjoy his book series.  


March 31, 2016 3:35 am  #5

Re: Mike Filey

SOWNY contributors disagree in another thread on the demographics of AM 740's target listenership.     Could Filey be toast because no listeners are left who care that the Yonge subway opened this week in 1954?


April 17, 2016 8:05 am  #6

Re: Mike Filey

grilled.cheese wrote:

I enjoy his book series

Sunday Star is running a nostalgia page in its Insight section.     More text & photos than Filey's nostalgia column in (what's left of) the Sun paper