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November 8, 2019 9:47 am  #1

Is WIVB Embarrassed To Be A CBS Affilliate?

One thing I have noticed in WIVB's station ID's is the non display of the CBS eye. There is the white 4 inside the red circle and call letters and city of licence but no indication that they are a CBS affiliate. WKBW uses an identical ABC7 logo as is used in NYC,Chi, Det and L.A. WGRZ proudly displays the NBC peacock beside their "2"  WUTV never uses their call letters. They simply ID themselves as "FOX29" Affilliates in other markets always display the network logo in their on screen graphics. For most of television history, CBS has been the most watched network. One would think WIVB would be proud of that and want to promote it.