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January 17, 2019 6:05 pm  #1

Ford university funding reforms may cripple campus stations

As part of Ford's reforms of post-secondary education is a measure to make student ancillary fees for campus services optional, unless they are "health and welfare" programs:

"As part of a package of [/url]post-secondary reforms [url=]announced Thursday, Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities Merrilee Fullerton said Ontario's college and university students will be paying 10 per cent less in tuition and that most student fees — which can add up to $2,000 each year — will no longer be mandatory.Students won't be able to opt out of paying for campus programs that affect health and wellness — such as athletics or a walksafe service — but there will be some flexibility for institutions on whether LGBT supports remain a part of the mandatory ancillary fees students pay on top of tuition, Fullerton said."

It sounds like mandatory student fees for campus radio stations are going to be opt-outable beginning this fall. Since the budget of every (or virtually every) campus station in Ontario is overwhelmingly made up by student fee revenue with much smaller shares coming from advertising and donations it looks like campus stations will either have to seriously ramp up their advertising and fundraising revenues or be financially crippled. 


January 17, 2019 10:02 pm  #2

Re: Ford university funding reforms may cripple campus stations

It's one of the many constituencies the current regime hopes to skullfuck.