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Wed Mar 14 8:42 am  #1

Steve Anthony Leaving CP24 – And Broadcasting

Steve Anthony has a long history on Toronto airwaves. But that "history" is about to be history. notes that Anthony has officially announced he's stepping away from broadcasting, after “25 of almost 40 years waking up at around 3 am.”

He says he's not retiring just moving on to other ventures.

His last day is March 29th.
You can read the story and watch his announcement here.


Fri Mar 16 5:17 am  #2

Re: Steve Anthony Leaving CP24 – And Broadcasting

That's sad eh?
One of my greatest memories of him is back in his Much Music days when he was a VJ live just outside 299 Queen west and he was telling everyone who wanted a hot dog that the hot dog vendor just down the street is cheaper! Now THAT was great television!! 
If I were the hot dog vendor there that day I would have lowered my prices to match the other guy. 
Oh well...
Thanks for great radio and television Steve!

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