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SOWNY » CKNT Celebrates Dubious Milestone » Yesterday 10:44 pm

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a test period is required by ISED,  once ISED signs off, the crtc issues a broadcast certificate. that has likely happened, although i don't know how to verify.

AM stations are not specifically required to adhere to a local programming policy, unless it's a col. so these guys could theoretically go until their next renewal with the current programming carrying just enough paid content to keep the lights on. 

SOWNY » CKNT Celebrates Dubious Milestone » Yesterday 9:42 pm

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RadioActive wrote:

I have news for this eventual news/talk formatted newcomer - you've passed the "test." Time to get on with it already! 

What is the record for longest "Test" ever? 
Are there any specific and honest interferences currently? 
Can anyone identify any? 
Preferably ones that are in CKNT's proper intended listening area... 

SOWNY » CKNT Celebrates Dubious Milestone » Yesterday 8:38 pm

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Saturday, August 18th marks exactly two months(!) since CKNT, the new AM station in Mississauga, finally signed on the air with a test signal. It came seven years after they were first awarded a license! After all that delay, you might think they would want to get to the real thing by now. But no, they're still in a "testing" mode. 

I have no idea what's delaying this moribund station, although I suspect they never hired anyone and didn't have their act together, so now they're in endless test mode, vamping till ready. Is there any CRTC edict about how long a new outlet can go before they have to actually start airing real programming? 

Because I have news for this eventual news/talk formatted newcomer - you've passed the "test." Time to get on with it already! 

SOWNY » CHEX-TV is about to be rebranded as Global Peterborough » Yesterday 7:50 pm

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"We're going to turn this (the Monaghan Rd. offices) into the Corus media centre," Kronstein said. "We're making a pretty major investment here."

With Corus shares crashing, I can only guess this is an effort to make something look good for a sale? 

SOWNY » Streema Is Kinda Keena » Yesterday 5:24 pm

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After dropping my little AM/FM transistor radio one too many times, I had to figure out another way to access my favorite stations.

The iHeartRadio app's pretty good, but I dumped it because it was a pain in the tocas to switch from 1010 to other non Bell stations and back in the early morning.

I've downloaded the free Streema app, and all my stations are ready to go. Now I can switch around in a flash with the touch of a finger. It takes a day or two to get used to killing the pop-up ads, but the convenience of being able to bounce back and forth from Boom, to 680, to 640, to CBC, to TSN1050, to 102.1 to 1010 makes me willing to live with killing the ads. I barely notice them now.

It's amazing how different everyone on-air sounds now, and how much you can hear mouth sounds, and sibilance.

I'm wondering how you guys are listening to the radio these days. Does it depend where you are? Is there a better app than Streema out there that you use?

I'm planning on buying a new Sony transistor radio cause I just miss it, anybody else still going old school these days?

SOWNY » CHEX-TV is about to be rebranded as Global Peterborough » Yesterday 11:57 am

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Good question. And what about CHEX's itty bitty channel 4 repeater in Bancroft [I don't know why they keep it on air]?  Also, does this not make the Denbigh Global repeater sort of redundant?

Yes CTV still is on air in Bobcaygeon - HD ch. 35.

SOWNY » CHEX-TV is about to be rebranded as Global Peterborough » Yesterday 11:49 am

Does this mean Global will shut down their transmitter in Baltimore/Cobourg? If not, will they run the program feed from Peterborough through Baltimore?

Also, speaking of the Peterborough area, does CTV still operate a transmitter in Bobcaygeon?

SOWNY » AM stations going silent » Yesterday 11:48 am

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AM-560 CFOS and AM-740 have strong, devoted listenership here on southern Georgian Bay.     Mind you most of us will never see 70 again so both love affair(s) could be relatively short lived


SOWNY » John Bartlett replaces Paul Romanuk on Sportsnet Leaf Broadcasts » Yesterday 7:18 am

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John Bartlett is a very good hockey broadcaster - friendly & folksy.
Sad to say that Romy was starting to lose the plot.
Too often he would make simple mistakes in his play call.
Mostly misidentify players - for those who noticed ( I did) it was too often for comfort.
Two to three "mistakes" per game. 
Something was wrong.

I'm a Habs fan so I heard Mr. Bartlett quite a bit last season.
I'll miss him on those telecasts.
And Romy's departure doesn't surprise me whatever the reason may be.


SOWNY » John Bartlett replaces Paul Romanuk on Sportsnet Leaf Broadcasts » Yesterday 7:06 am

What happened to Romanuk? I liked him and he had already been banished from the scene after his days at TSN

SOWNY » AM stations going silent » Yesterday 4:07 am

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CKSL left the air because the owner, Bell Media, could not justify spending three million dollars in necessary upgrades when its comedy format drew such few listeners.  As a result, I think any AM stations with low ratings could meet the same fate as broadcasting facilities age.  Because so many stations on the AM band have already switched to FM, the shrinkage will be gradual.  But, outside of foreign language, traffic or weather formats and legacy stations such as 680 News and NewsTalk 1010, the future for AM radio is bleak.  The only groups that express interest in starting new AM stations are generally under financed and unable to afford a launch on the FM band.  Because of a lack of money, these ventures are generally doomed to failure.  Also, I know of few people under the age of 50 who listen to any stations on the AM band, so demographics are also a factor in the slow demise of AM radio.

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