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May 18, 2023 7:13 am  #1

Whatever Happened To Jim Waters, Former Co-Owner Of CHUM?

Dave Charles managed to coax a few famous last words out of Jim Waters, the son of Allan Waters, the former owner of CHUM and all its TV and radio properties (including, for a while, City TV.) 

In this wide-ranging interview, the now owner of the OHL's Erie Otters talks about growing up with one of the most famous stations in North America as his playground, what his late father taught him about being the boss and how to treat people, and the fact he never really wanted to sell the company in the first place.  

But it's this section that really stands out to me:

"...the CRTC would do well to keep the rules and regulations to a minimum. The commission should get out of the way when it comes to music content regulations. We should all be proud of the music that Canada has produced, and is producing! In fact, I have privately provided funds to support Canadian artists over the years. Broadcasters don’t need someone to tell them how and when to play it!"

It turns out he still does have a hand in radio, with an application to turn a small school-based GTA-area station into a real licenced entity on the dial. And some of the people helping him are very familiar names.

There are some interesting reminiscences and revelations in the FYIMusicNews piece from one of the players who was there during some pretty amazing times in Toronto radio. 

Chumming Up To Jim Waters: The Missing Years