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May 14, 2023 12:54 pm  #1

Fall Preview Of At Least One Network Show Comes Very Early

I remember in the days when over-the-air network TV was still king of the hill, you'd start to see promos for the new fall season sometime around July or August. All of them would run 30 sec. previews of their new shows, advising viewers to be sure to watch for this "exciting new series" coming to [insert network name here] in September.

But times have changed and with streaming stealing a lot of their thunder, at least one of the big guys, in this case, CBS, has already started selling you their "Coming Attractions" - and the current season isn't even officially over yet! And so it was with some surprise that I saw CBS, during last Tuesday's "FBI," run a promo for "Matlock," a remake of the old Andy Griffith series that reverses the lawyer's gender and is now played by Kathy Bates. 

Not only is this show not due on the air for at least five more months, but the writers' strike almost guarantees you won't see much of it then. If at all. 

I've been a network TV watcher since I as a little kid. I've never seen a fall preview promo this early. A one-off or the beginning of a trend? Whatever the reason, maybe they should let the season finish first before tubthumping one that's half a year off. 

By the way, if you're looking for a list of what the networks are up to come the fall (or whenever the walkout is done), this is a pretty good guide. 

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